King of the Sierras

King of the Sierras/The Black Stallion/ Черный скакун (1938)

Год:          1939
Страна:    США
Время:     53 мин
Жанр:       вестерн
Режисер: Самюэль Диг
                  Артур Россон
Актеры:   Рекс
                  Хобарт Босвард
                  Гарри Харвей
                  Гарри Харвей мл.

  A group of ranchers  had appealed to the Department of the Interior for relief against the great herds of wild mustangs that roamed the range. The U.S. government contractors, under the authority of the Taylor Grazing Bill, undertook the task of rounding up nearly 3000 wild mustangs . Frank Gay wrote a wild horse story built around this impending roundup involving a rancher's son(Wally Albright) and a crusty old-timer (Frank Campeau). 

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