Silver Stallion/ Серебряный жеребец

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Silver Stallion/ Серебряный жеребец

Год:          1941
Страна:    США
Время:     60 мин
Жанр:       приключения, вестерн
Режисер: Эдвард Финни

Актеры:   Дэфвид Шарп
                  Лерой Менсон
                  Чиф Тандерклауд

  The Kid and his pals are horse thieves wanted by the law. As he takes a horse from Jan Walton she makes him promise to bring it back. This makes him go straight and when his pals steal Jan's horses he returns them. But Benson, the leader of the horse thieves, along with his gang is after them too and the Kid is greatly outnumbered.

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