The Lion and the Horse/ Лев и конь

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The Lion and the Horse/ Лев и конь

Год:          1952
Страна:    США
Время:     83 мин
Жанр:       вестерн
Луис Кинг
Актеры:   Стив Кокран
                  Рей Тил
                  Боб Стил

  Wild horse training cowboy Steve Cochran (as Ben Kirby) wants to keep a beautiful black stallion for himself, but the animal is sold to a rodeo showman. He finds "Wildfire" being abused by owner Ray Teal (as Dave Tracy), who won't sell. After leaving a refused $600 payment for the horse, Mr. Cochran sets him free. Later, Cochran trains Wildfire while working for Utah rancher Harry Antrim (as Cas Bagley) and bonding with his cute pigtailed granddaughter Sherry Jackson (as Jenny). The family-friendly trio is threatened by a nasty lion and the return of Wildfire's angry owner...    
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